Security Certified Network Specialist (SCNS) - Đào tạo doanh nghiệp

Security Certified Network Specialist (SCNS)

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Lesson 1 - Network Defense Fundamentals 

Network Defense Fundamentals
Five Key Issues of Network Security - Authorization and Availability
Five Key Issues of Network Security - Authentication
Five Key Issues of Network Security - Confidentiality
Five Key Issues of Network Security - Integrity
Five Key Issues of Network Security - Non-Repudiation
Managing the Threats to Security
Defensive Strategies
The Castle Analogy
The Defense Technologies
Analyzing Defense
Objectives of Access Control
Access Control
Authentication Token
Example of a Challenge Response Token
Time Based Tokens
Core Defensive Technologies
Define the Concepts of Network Auditing
Concepts of Network Auditing
Security Audits
Independent Audit
Quick Audit Results
Managing Audit Data
Lesson 1 Review 

Lesson 2 - Advanced TCP/IP

Advanced TCP/IP
TCP/IP Concepts
TCP/IP Model Layers
OSI Model Layers
OSI Model vs. TCP/IP Model
The TCP/IP Encapsulation Process
RFCs (Requests for Comments)
The Function of IP
IP Address Classes
Address Class Chart
Private IP Address Ranges (RFC1918)
IP Addressing
Hexadecimal IP Addressing
Hexadecimal Conversions
The Subnet Mask
Subnetting Example
‘Slash’ Notation
Analyze the 3-Way Handshake
TCP Control Flags
Sequence and Acknowledgment Numbers
Connection Establishment
Connection Termination
IANA Assignments
Port Numbers and Associated Services
Trojan Associated Port Numbers
Network Monitor
Demo - Using Network Monitor
Demo - Installing and Starting Wireshark
Wireshark Overview
Demo - Using Wireshark
TCP Connections
Demo - Analyzing the Three-way Handshake
Demo - Analyzing the Session Teardown Process
Capture and Identify IP Datagrams
IP Datagram
Demo - Capturing and Identifying IP Datagrams
Capture and Identify ICMP Messages
Demo - Capturing and Identifying ICMP Messages
Capture and Identify TCP Headers
TCP Header
Demo - Capture and Identify TCP Headers
The UDP Header
Demo -Working with UDP Headers
Analyze Packet Fragmentation
MTUs for Various Media
Demo - Analyzing Fragmentation
Analyzing Entire Sessions
Demo - Complete ICMP Session Analysis
Demo - Complete FTP Session Analysis
Lesson 2 Review 

Lesson 3 - Routers And Access Control Lists

Routers And Access Control Lists
Fundamental Cisco Security
Modes of Operation
Navigating the Router
Configuring Access Passwords
Other Configuration Options
SSH Overview
SSH Configuration Options
Routing Principles
ARP Broadcast Between Two Nodes
Router Returning the ARP Request
Demo - Performing IP and MAC Analysis
The Routing Process
Routed vs. Routing Protocols
Routing Protocol Metrics
Routing Protocols
Demo - Viewing a RIP Capture
Demo - Viewing a RIPv2 Capture
Removing Protocols and Services
Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
Creating Access Control Lists
Access Control List Operation
The Wildcard Mask
Wildcard Mask Bits Defined
Implement Access Control Lists
Standard Access Control List Command Syntax
Extended Access Control List Syntax
ACL Scenarios
Grant and Denial Examples
Defending against Attacks with ACLs
Logging Concepts
Cisco Logging Options
Log Priority
Logging Examples
ACL and VTY Logging
Lesson 3 Review

Lesson 4 - Designing Firewall Systems 

Designing Firewall Systems
Examine Firewall Components
Firewall Methodologies
What a Firewall Cannot Do
Implementation Options for Firewalls
A Single Packet Filtering Device
A Screened Host
A Demilitarized Zone
Create a Firewall Policy
Firewall Policy
Rule Sets and Packet Filters
Locations of Packet Filters
The Packet Filter Rules
Considerations for Packet Filtering Devices
Ports and Sockets
Ports in Exchange of a Web Page
Building Rules for the Firewall
The Ack Bit
Stateless and Stateful Packet Inspection
Stateless Packet Filters
Stateful Packet Filters
Stateful Packet Filter Function
Proxy Server
Proxy Process
Proxy Benefits
Proxy Problems
The Bastion Host
Location of a Bastion Host
Creating a Bastion Host to Run as a Firewall
The Honeypot
Honeypot Locations
Goals of the Honeypot
Lesson 4 Review

Lesson 5 - Configuring Firewalls

Configuring Firewalls
Understanding Firewalls
Firewalls and the OSI Model
Common Types of Firewalls
Building Firewall Rules
What a Firewall Cannot Do
Configuring Microsoft ISA Server 2006
ISA Server 2006
ISA Server 2006 Versions
ISA Server 2006 Features
Demo - Preparing for the ISA Server 2006 Install
Demo - Install Microsoft ISA Server 2006
Configuring ISA Server 2006
ISA Server Management Console
Demo - Exploring the Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Interface
Demo - Exporting the Default Configuration
ISA Server 2006 Firewall Policies
Processing Firewall Policies
Demo - Creating a Basic Access Rule
ISA Server 2006 Access Rule Elements
Demo - Creating a Protocol Rule Element
Demo - Creating a User Rule Element
Demo - Creating a Content Group Element
Demo - Creating and Modifying Schedule Rule Elements
Demo - Using Content Types and Schedule Rules
ISA Server 2006 Network Rule Elements
Demo - Creating a Network Rule Element
ISA Server 2006 Publishing Rules
Demo - Configuring a Web Publishing Rule
ISA Server 2006 Caching
Demo - Enabling and Configuring Caching
Demo - Install Second Loopback Adapter
Demo - Configure ISA in a Three-Legged DMZ
Configure ISA Server Monitoring
Demo -Working with Alerts
Demo -Working with Reports
ISA Server 2006 Logging
Demo - Configuring Logging Options
Final ISA Server 2006 Options
Demo - ISA Server 2006 and the Security Configuration Wizard
Demo - Configuring Packet Prioritization
IPTables Concepts
Chain Fundamentals
Process of the Packets
The Flow of the Chains
Configuration Options
Rule Management
Rule Creation
Other Options
Rule Examples
Example: Case Study
Lesson 5 Review


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